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Video DownloadHelper does not seem to work on site XXXX, what to do ?

There is probably nothing we can do right now to make VDH work on this site, but having data about this issue is very important to us in order to make Video DownloadHelper improve in the next version.

Please go to the support forum and search for about topics related to the site domain you have problem with. If you can’t find any, create a new topic, providing a link to at least a video page and the description of the issue you are experiencing.

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On a specific site, the downloaded file has no audio (or only audio and no video) ?

It could be 2 things: either this is an issue with your local audio/video player, or Video DownloadHelper really only downloaded the audio or video part of the media.

In the first case, make sure the audio is turned on by playing any other video or song you have on your computer. If it’s not the problem, it is possible that your player miss the appropriate codecs (the software drivers to handle specific audio/video encoding). We recommend giving a try using VLC video player, a high quality free video player.

If the former did not work for you, then there is a good chance Video DownloadHelper did not downloaded the media properly. Nowadays, it is very common for web sites to stream separately audio and video, with a web page player resynchronizing both channels. Video DownloadHelper tries to accomodate standard methods for aggregating audio and video, like in HLS or DASH protocols, but sometimes, the web site used a homemade method and our extension has no clue on how to reunite both streams. In this case, sorry but we should consider Video DownloadHelper just does not work for this site.

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Why don’t I see the Video DownloadHelper 3 balls icon in the toolbar ?

If Video DownloadHelper is installed, the icon may just have been hidden from the toolbar. Just pin it.

In other cases, first make sure, Video DownloadHelper is really installed in your browser. On Firefox, click the 3-stripes icon at the top right then click Add-ons, on Chrome, click the 3-dots icon at the top right then click More Tools > Extensions. If you cannot see the extension, (re)install it

If you are on Chrome, in an incognito window, you need to perform a specific action once to make the extension available: click the 3-dots icon at the top right then click More Tools > Extensions, pick Video DownloadHelper and tick checkbox Allow in incognito.

If the former did not help, please check the support forum

I have a Video DownloadHelper for Firefox/Chrome/Edge license, can i use it with Firefox/Chrome/Edge ?

You cannot use a browser license with another browser. Licenses are specific to browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Edge cannot be used interchangeably.

Why doesn’t Video DownloadHelper for Chrome allow downloading videos from YouTube ?

Google does not allow Chrome extensions to download videos from YouTube. If we made Video DownloadHelper for Chrome download YouTube videos, our extension would be taken out of the Chrome WebStore.

To download Videos from YouTube, you should consider installing Firefox then Video DownloadHelper for Firefox.

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I Lost my license how i can get it back ?

For EVERYONE who lost their license key:

License keys are relevant on the Firefox, Edge and Chrome versions. Check to get your license key to be mailed back to you.

Please note that licenses for Chrome, Firefox and Edge cannot be used interchangeably. In other words, a VDH/Chrome license won’t work on VDH/Firefox nor VDH/Edge and the other way around.

For any other questions about licenses please contact us.

I cannot find an answer to my question in this FAQ. What do i do ?

Go to Video DownloadHelper support forum and make searches from there. If you cannot find an answer, please feel free to create a new topic and provide appropriate details about your issue.