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Privacy Policy

General Information

This notice covers both the Video DownloadHelper extension on any browser it runs on, including Chrome, Firefox and Edge, and the web site.

First of all, we care about privacy and we do not make business out of users data. We only collect information that is necessary to do the job our products are expected to do.


When using the Video DownloadHelper, no data are sent back to our service.

Video DownloadHelper licensing

When purchasing a license to use the extension without any restriction, some specific data are maintained in a database. The recorded information is the user's email and the license key. If the license has been purchased through PayPal before October 25 2014, it also includes the user's name. We do not use the registered emails to send message promoting any service. However we reserve the right to send emails if this is absolutely required, like when a user needs the license to be revalidated, or in case of a detected security breach. The extension communicates with the licensing server when the license is purchased or revalidated (required when reinstalling the extension). When this happens, the IP address is also stored in a secure manner (SALT + SHA256 hashing algorithm) on the server. Due to Video DownloadHelper licenses being permanent, the licensing data do not expire. Users may request their licensing data to be removed, but this will of course result in the license being cancelled.

Web site

The web site does not identify visitors. There is no account signup/login, nor do we use persistent cookies. We although use session cookies to permit navigation throughout the site.

When visiting the supported sites section, anonymized data are gathered about the sites being visited and the approximated time spent on each of them. The idea is to be able to suggest to users sites to discover new sites based on their past navigation during the session. This is a work in progress.

Video DownloadHelper donations

For accounting purpose, donations are stored in the server database. The recorded information is the donator email address. This information does not expire. Donators can request the recorded to be removed resulting in the donation receipt being erased.

Third parties

License and donation payments are processed by Stripe. We do not have access to personal banking information other than the credit card country and an index allowing to find the transaction on the Stripe accounting interface. Stripe committed to be GDPR compliant.

The web site uses Cloudflare CDN service. This allows pages to be loaded faster on the user's browser, malicious attacks being blocked, server resources being saved. Cloudflare committed to be GDPR comliant.

Data hosting

Video DownloadHelper services are run by ACLAP SAS, a French company. Web site and data are hosted by OVH with servers located in France.


For any privacy concerns or removal request, requests can be made by email to [email protected] or through the support forum.