Video DownloadHelper

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Beta versions

The Video DownloadHelper extension, popular among millions of users on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, carries the responsibility of delivering stable releases without compromising existing features. Developing new features inevitably introduces new challenges, including potential bugs and regressions. To balance innovation with stability, Video DownloadHelper offers beta versions of the extension, which are on track to be released as stable versions in the near future.

Reporting Issues

Effective beta testing relies on user feedback. We encourage beta testers to report any issues encountered using the VDH support forum. Please include the version number, a detailed description of the issue, and, if applicable, a link to a page with a problematic video. Your contributions are invaluable to us. Thank you for your support.


Beta For Firefox

Beta For Chrome

Beta For Edge

Become a beta test by installing our beta version of the Addon. Please report your feedback on our forum.


On Firefox, a beta version will replace the non-beta version of the addon. If you want to come back to non-beta version just reinstall it.

Chrome and Edge

On Chrome and Edge, beta are provided as separate extensions. You can use them alongside the official releases.