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Video DownloadHelper 7.3.4 now includes support for downloading Facebook videos !
When browsing a Facebook timeline or opening a Facebook video post, Video DownloadHelper offers several variants for each detected video. There should be one or two simple-streamed variants (companion app is optional) and one to many ADP options (audio and video streams are transparently downloaded and aggregated locally, this requires the use of the companion app). In general, the best quality is only available through an ADP option.

New Video DownloadHelper 7
is now available for Chrome !

Changes from 7.3.1

  • Feature: support for downloading Facebook videos.
  • Feature: configurable file naming when using gallery download
  • Fix: initiate download or open panel from keyboard hot key:
    • Start default action on the first hit: (Windows/Linux) ALT+DOWN, (Mac) CMD+SHIFT+DOWN
    • Open add-on main panel: (Windows/Linux) ALT+UP, (Mac) CMD+SHIFT+UP
  • Fix: actions Open Media (to play the downloaded video with the local default application) and Open Directory (to open the folder containing the downloaded file) are available again, through the 1.2.4 update of the companion app.
  • Fix: proper smart naming name picking when mode Get name from URL is chosen.

Reminder about Video DownloadHelper 7 and Firefox 57

Some users still complain about some feature regressions in Video DownloadHelper 7 when compared to version 6, and the requirement to install a companion application in situations where this was not mandatory. So, we'll explain again what happened.

When Mozilla released Firefox 57 (a.k.a Firefox Quantum) on 11/14/2017, this came with a major change: the original API (i.e the way an add-on "lives" within the browser) was removed and replaced by a new one called WebExtensions as it is in Chrome. Unfortunately this new interface is very restricted compared to the previous one and lacks a number of services that are required for Video DownloadHelper to do the job.

Many Firefox add-on authors decided to give up and not make the move to WebExtensions. We made an other choice and decided to continue providing the service to our users by whatever mean was technically possible, rewriting almost entirely our extension.

WebExtensions offers a clean way to run dedicated external applications and communicate with them in background. We used this to create a companion app that provides the now missing services, mainly file manipulations and unrestricted downloads. We made this app open-source to ensure transparency, and it is now required to use it for some features like HLS downloads where it could previously be performed entirely from within the add-on.

Thank you for reading that far, you are an awesome person !