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Video DownloadHelper 7 for Chrome

Important !

Starting with Firefox 57, add-ons using the former technology (Add-on SDK) are no longer supported, in favour of a Chrome-like interface called WebExtensions.

This implied an almost complete rewrite of Video DownloadHelper, and the code base of this add-on being very large and complex and despite an enormous development effort, not all of the former features could make it to this release.

However, the main features (mostly downloading, converting/aggregating) are present and you should expect in the next few weeks add-on updates bringing back most of the goodies that were present in Video DownloadHelper 6.

Unfortunately, the new WebExtensions interface offers less capabilities than the former Add-on SDK. In fact, over the past 10 years, all the Mozilla numerous changes in add-on interfacing have reduced the freedom of extensions to interact with the browser environment.

So we (add-ons developers) have to deal with this and find solutions. This is why Video DownloadHelper 7 requires in some situations the installation of an external application that communicates transparently with the add-on to provide missing capabilities. Downloading HLS-streamed videos needs this application installed, while in version 6, the add-on could do the job on its own.

The good news here is that the way WebExtensions deals with external applications is much safer than what it used to be, and there is no risk of another add-on taking advantage of this application to perform undesired tasks.

We understand that installing an external application can be annoying and raise concerns about security. To ensure full transparency, the required VDH Companion App has been released in open-source.

You can install the VDH Companion App right now from here, or do so from the add-on.