WARNING: The safe mode full feature only applies to the Firefox version of Video DownloadHelper. On other browsers, it only aplies to this site.

DownloadHelper safe mode

We have received many requests from users saying «I love your program, but I just cannot give it to my children because the addon and its associated site give an excessively easy access to very explicit adult content». Some asked for the adult stuff to be simply removed, which we cannot (and don't want to) do because this is very popular amongst our grown-up users.

Starting from version 3.5, Video DownloadHelper features a safe mode that prevents listing the adult sites in the supported sites window and automatically creates cookies on the downloadhelper.net domains blocking all adult links on our sites. You must however understand this limitation: the adult sites can still be accessed by entering their address in the browser or following links from other sites than ours.

How to activate the safe mode ?

Before activating the safe mode, please think twice: you won't be able to revert back to the normal mode.

Activate safe mode

You do not appear to be running Video DownloadHelper 5 for Firefox.

You can activate the safe mode but it will only applies to this site.

Activate safe mode on this site