Nicolai from Moldova

$4225 to pay for home repair.

Nicolae is 22 years old and lives in Drochia. He works hard at a wiring factory, a job he does with great pleasure, to generate income that will improve the quality of his life.

He started some repair work on his house, but was unable to finish due to lack of money, as his mother suffered an accident at work in a foreign country and had to stay in the hospital for recovery. The money that was reserved for finishing the construction he used for his mother's treatment.

Nicolae hopes and believes that the loan from Kiva will help him see his dream come true, to be able to create better living conditions for his family and especially his mother.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Nicolai
Location Drochia, Moldova
Activity Personal Housing Expenses / Housing

About the loan

Loan amount $4225
Loan use to pay for home repair.