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$10000 to buy 4 bags of corn and cassava to strengthen her initial capital.

Madame Feza is a client of the microfinance institution Hekima and the president the village group “SUCCES”. She is married, 41 years old and the mother of 9 children, 7 of whom go to school, her partner is a carpenter.

She is a food seller, she started this business 1 year ago with the start-up funds received from her husband. Later she involved the Hekima programme to support her business and she gradually progressed.

With this new loan, she will stock up on 4 bags of corn and cassava, which will strengthen her initial capital.

The challenge of her activity is linked to the lack of customers.

She would like her children to continue studying and to feed her family.

Finally, she wishes to thank Hekima and its partners for the support provided to owners of businesses that cannot be converted into cash in this context of global crisis due to Covid-19.

The photo represents only the leader of the group because of Covid-19 in respect of social distancing measures.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Succes Group
Location Goma, North Kivu province, Congo (DRC)
Activity Food Market / Food

About the loan

Loan amount $10000
Loan use to buy 4 bags of corn and cassava to strengthen her initial capital.