Saidath, Ernestine, Vestine, Obadiya, Thimothe, Iyamuremye, Gloriose, Lambert, Viateur, Pierre, Celestin, Sylvie, Jacques, Eugenie, Barda, Emeline, Jean, Edouard, Patrice, Patrick from Rwanda

$6925 to buy more tires, oil, dash covers, and mirrors.

Ernestine is a 43-year-old single mother of three children aged between 6 and 17 years old. For the past ten years, she has been selling auto spare parts.

Ernestine is the leader of the group named Abishyizehamwe CB, which in English means, “people joined together". Group members sell different items and own a variety of businesses.

Ernestine will use her loan to buy more tires, oil, dash covers, and mirrors to sell within her community and to meet customer demand. With the profits from her sales, she hopes to be able to expand her business to different areas.

Ernestine is thankful for your support.

Due to the global pandemic, Urwego was not able to photograph all the members, but was able to get one representative for the group photo.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Abishyizehamwe Cb Group
Location , Rwanda
Activity Spare Parts / Retail

About the loan

Loan amount $6925
Loan use to buy more tires, oil, dash covers, and mirrors.