Veronica from Kenya

$24725 to provide clean drinking water access and employment in Nairobi, Kenya.

Veronica is a business lady with experience in service enterprising. She is passionate about creating new opportunities and empowering Women entrepreneurship. She is interested in setting up a Jibu water Franchise in South C, Kenya.She will be a great influence in the market. Veronica is hopeful that the impact to the society will be huge and interesting. This loan will fund all the necessary costs in establishing the franchise & ensuring its running, including storefront build-out, staff training, support overhead, and sourcing including shipping and installation of her Jibu water filtration unit. Jibu is a social enterprise pioneering a powerful new model that capitalizes and equips entrepreneurs in emerging market communities to own businesses that ensure access to basic human necessities, with water as an anchor product. Driven by a belief in the power of eye-to-eye partnership to unleash latent entrepreneurial talent, Jibu is transforming the challenge of addressing basic human needs into an expansive opportunity that allows thousands of entrepreneurs to build lasting solutions, one neighborhood at a time. The company’s vision is to train, finance, and grow a network of co-invested business owners like Madam Veronica, who will revolutionize the way critical resources are leveraged to develop essential infrastructure in emerging markets.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Veronica
Location SOUTH C, Kenya
Activity Water Distribution / Services

About the loan

Loan amount $24725
Loan use to provide clean drinking water access and employment in Nairobi, Kenya.