Video DownloadHelper

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CoApp Installation

Some operations required by Video DownloadHelper cannot be performed from within the browser. In order to be able to still do the job, the add-on relies on our external application that is called transparently.

We call it the Companion Application (CoApp).

It it safe? Yes! You can read the code here 🙂, it’s Open Source.

Download for Windows

Download for Windows 8, 10, 11

More options (32bits, Win7, …)

Download for MacOS 10.15 and above

Download for MacOS Intel

Download for MacOS Silicon (M1/M2/…)

More options (DMG, MacOS 10.14, …)

Download for Linux

All you need to do is run this command in a terminal:

curl -sSLf | bash

This command will download and install (or update) the coapp.

If you prefer to do a manual install:

.deb 64bits .deb 32bits .deb ARM

tar.bz2 64bits tar.bz2 32bits tar.bz2 ARM

⚠️ Run ./vdhcoapp install (not as root) after extracting the binaries (not necessary for .deb).

We also have Linux packages that use the system ffmpeg (regular packages come with a prebuilt ffmpeg). These are for advanced users and are available as “noffmpeg” builds here.

Make sure to close your browser before upgrading the Companion App.

If the app is not recognized by the extension, please read the troubleshooting section.