Nhâm from Vietnam

$875 to buy fishing tools.

Mrs. Nhâm is 46 years old and has two children. Her family lives in Tinh Gia District, a coastal area of Thanh Hoa, one of the poorest provinces that often suffers from storms.

Her husband is a fisherman and she sells seafood in the local market. Her family's income is unstable.

Because of lacking capital to buy fishing tools, she asks for her first loan cycle with Thanh Hoa MFI. She is a reputable person in the community.

In the future, she hopes for her business to do well, to keep sending her children to school, and to buy a small boat for her husband.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Nhâm
Location 10 Tĩnh Gia, Thanh Hóa, Vietnam
Activity Fishing / Food

About the loan

Loan amount $875
Loan use to buy fishing tools.