Corina from Ecuador

$2125 stock her store.

Corina is 41, married, and has 2 children ages 9 and 16. Her husband is a merchant. They live in Jipijapa, an area that has been very impacted by the COVID-19 emergency.

She is a hard-working woman who, even before the terrible crisis, was working hard to get ahead. Thanks to a grocery store she opened, she was able to achieve this. Even though she can no longer sell like usual, she is working despite her fear of getting sick. This is how she makes a living to support herself and her family.

This loan is to stock her store, which is out of stock. She aspires to improve her business and continue moving forward.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Corina
Location Jipijapa, Ecuador
Activity Grocery Store / Food

About the loan

Loan amount $2125
Loan use stock her store.