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Video DownloadHelper 7 for Chrome

Video DownloadHelper detects and captures more videos !

A number of YouTube videos are streamed not only in ADP mode (audio and video in separate streams) but each of those streams in DASH mode (plenty of small segments that need download and rework to create a playable media). Previously, Video DownloadHelper ignored those videos, causing a No media found message to be displayed. With version 6.2.0, you are now offered to download those videos in several quality variants.

HLS-streamed videos have been supported since version 5.5.0 but some servers use encryption on those streams, causing Video DownloadHelper to generate a useless 48 bytes file. This new version supports encrypted HLS.

Important fixes

A number of users complained about not having audio when playing HLS videos using Windows Media Player. This is now fixed and you don't have to use alternative players to hear those videos.

In some cases, HLS captures lead to a file containing only audio. This was due to a bug that has been fixed in this version.

Users with very poor networking conditions like an Internet connection going up and down had a hard time downloading videos, particularly big ones. The new version fixes an issue with chunked downloads not using retries properly, and add a configurable delay between retries.

Version 6.2.0 also fixes an issue with pages containing many videos (like a video-oriented tumblr page). If requesting some downloads and scrolling down to make new videos to be detected, you could lose control of the downloads.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Clearing errors now have immediate effect on toolbar icon badge
  • Fixed bug where in some cases the wrong language could be used in the add-on interface
  • Fixed screen region capture when e10s is enabled
  • Prevented text selection in main panel. In some conditions, it could be difficult to unselect.
  • Fixed minor layout issue in download progress bars
  • Fixed image gallery capture when in e10s mode
  • Fixed HTML warnings in settings page
  • Added Russian and Swedish locales
  • Moved to Angular 1.5.9 to better security