DownloadHelper/ConvertHelper License Invoice
4, rue de Villeneuve
34610 Saint Gervais s/ Mare
[email protected]
SARL au capital de 1000 €
EU Intracom VAT FR47498766963
Promoter Power LLC
896 South Granby Circle
80012 Aurora, CO
United States
Invoice Data
Date Wed Aug 25 2010
Billing method
Transaction ID 44P41735EN654240L
Invoice ID 00039389
License ID 3b7365bc16cabec4f52ebf35a793b62e
Purchased Items
DownloadHelper/ConvertHelper License 28.50 USD
VAT not applicable (Art. 59 2006/112/CE)
Total 28.50 USD

You have been granted a license to use the video conversion feature of the DownloadHelper extension without any technical restriction such as watermark included in the converted videos or blocked formats.

If you purchased this license as a company or organization, people from your company or organisation can use the license. If you are an individual, the license ID can be used by any person living in your house.

This license is materialized by the following license ID: 3b7365bc16cabec4f52ebf35a793b62e which is unique to you.

The license ID will have to be entered manually or will be checked automatically every time you install it on a computer, reinstall your computer or browser, or change your browser user profile. After a number of installations, the license will be blocked and a mail sent to [email protected] with a Web link to be visited to unlock the license.

Abuse will result on the license being permanently blocked.

Support mail in english can be obtained from [email protected] for 1 year.