Julia Maria Liz, Maria Emilia, Maria Soledad, Dominga, Priscila, Estela Mari, Tomasa, Pelagia, Felicinda, Luidina, Ramona, Mariela, Daiana Marlene, Angela, Rocio Mabel from Paraguay

$3700 to buy materials for handicrafts and basic ingredients to prepare food.

This group is called "Artesanas de Beni Loma." They are in the program for the elimination of poverty, with the purpose of being able to offer better living conditions to their families and continue overcoming their situation of poverty.

Maria Emilia is one of the members. She is a very hard-working person who makes and sells handicrafts. In addition to this, she sells fast food on weekends, since she has a stand in her house. She does everything to be able to offer her loved ones a better quality of life, without experiencing privation. Her goal is to be able to continue with her work and in this way continue helping to support her loved ones.

She is requesting this loan for the purchase of materials for making her handicrafts and also basic ingredients for making her food to sell.

Note: Only one person appears in the photo, but this is a group loan. It wasn't possible to take the group photo because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to avoid a gathering of people.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Artesanas De Beni Loma Group
Location Carapegua, Paraguay
Activity Crafts / Arts

About the loan

Loan amount $3700
Loan use to buy materials for handicrafts and basic ingredients to prepare food.