Luc from Brazil

$775 to buy women's and men's clothing.

Luc lived in Cameroon and worked as a carpenter. As there was not much demand for this activity, he ended up without financial resources.

His friends who were already in Brazil told him that the country was a great place for sales, so he left Cameroon and went to São Paulo, Brazil. He started to sell clothing in the city center, and thus he gained ground and has been able to earn an income to support himself.

With this loan, he is going to buy women's and men's clothing. He has many customers in this region and also receives many orders online.

Luc thanks his lenders for the opportunity.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Luc
Location São Paulo, Brazil
Activity Clothing Sales / Clothing

About the loan

Loan amount $775
Loan use to buy women's and men's clothing.