Felecia from Liberia

$350 to buy more dry goods items to sell.

Felecia is 29 years old. She is living together with her partner along with 2 dependents. Both live at home while attending school. Felecia went to school until the 11th grade. She runs a dry goods business where she sells milk, soap, tissue, matches and other items. By doing this, she generates the income she needs to help her partner support their children. She started to sell with her own money and she learned how to sell from her aunty. She has been a very strong business woman for 8 years now. She sells 6 days per week. She uses a bike to transport supplies to her business site. She likes her business because it gives her more profits.

To continue selling, Felecia applied for a loan through BRAC Liberia and field partner Kiva. The loan will enable her to buy more dry goods items to sell in order to meet her customers' demand. In the future she wants to become a big business woman and continue her children's education. She wishes to say thanks.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Felecia
Location Caldwell, Liberia
Activity General Store / Retail

About the loan

Loan amount $350
Loan use to buy more dry goods items to sell.