Jose Emmanuel from Dominican Republic

$3125 to cover higher education expenses.

Jose Emmanuel is a Dentistry student. He is requesting a loan to cover his educational expenses.

This is his story: My name is Jose Emmanuel. I live with my parents and my brothers.

I am pursuing a degree in Dentistry and although I began to study it some time ago it has been very difficult for me to continue because I do not have the necessary resources to continue.

I need this loan because my parents or relatives do not have the financial resources to pay for my career and I need to be granted this opportunity to start and complete my professional preparation. In this way, I can help my family in the future and improve personally and professionally.

My academic goals are to finish my degree so I can begin to develop in a work environment. After finishing my degree I would like to get a good job in the area and acquire the experience to have my own practice.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Jose Emmanuel
Location Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Activity Higher education costs / Education

About the loan

Loan amount $3125
Loan use to cover higher education expenses.