Video sites toolbar menu builder

With this tool, you can create a menu that will appear in a toolbar button. Depending on your choices, it can alert you whenever a new video is available from some video sites on certain keywords you choose. Or you can be alerted when a new video site made its way up to the top-rated or most popular sites from DownloadHelper rating system.

To create a menu configuration, choose a menu entry type from the drop down list below and click on the sign. Once you are done, press the Install menu button.

This feature requires that you install the Subtile Firefox extension, from the same author as DownloadHelper. If you did not setup this extension yet, no problem, you can still edit your configuration. You will be requested to install the extension and your menu configuration will be loaded automatically.

Here are some more details on the Subtile Firefox extension.

Click on the button to add a menu item