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The documentation in this page is only relevant for DownloadHelper 4.0 and above

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This tab relates to capturing specifically from YouTube.

Preserve YouTube file names (CJK)
This parameter might be useful for some asian languages but can also cause saving problems if set. When the parameter is checked, the name of the video as it appears in YouTube is used as the file name to the user's disk, regardless of encoding issues.
Detect YouTube high quality
If checked, when entering into a YouTube video page, DownloadHelper checked if there is a high-quality version of the current video and if so, adds the HQ version into the download menu.
Prefer YouTube quality
When downloading from YouTube in batch mode (mouse-select a set of links to YouTube videos, then right-click and choose Download video(s) from YouTube link(s)), if this parameter is checked, for each of the videos, if a high quality version exists, it will be downloaded instead of the standard version.
Quality formats table
YouTube videos sometimes have a higher quality version than the standard one you see when entering the video page. DownloadHelper can automatically recognize those versions and add a corresponding entry in the download menu. You may not be interested in all those formats, so you can enable or disable each format check. Just select a row in the table and you will see either a enable or disable button.
When downloading YouTube videos by links (from the browser context menu), you don't have the opportunity to select for each video which format you want. So you may want to consider setting up a priority in the possible formats. You can organize the preference order by selecting a row and clicking the Up or Down buttons. Note that only enabled formats will be checked.
Show widget to access services from within YouTube pages
If set, YouTube pages embed a drop-down menu giving direct access to all possible services for the current video.
Default service
If the previous feature is set, you can decide of a default service to be applied to the current video. This makes downloading a YouTube video a one-click operation.

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