Joshua from United States

$9000 Open a Hip Community-Driven Cafe, Support the Sober Community and Help Keep Ocean Beach Clean.

I am a Tolowa Native American who grew up in Hawaii and started in restaurants at 18. I knew this was the industry I wanted to be in and one that I was really passionate about. At 25 I started a Salsa company on two islands in Hawaii and even got into Whole Foods! I dissolved the Salsa company and decided to take my Ukulele and my backpack to SF in 2010 to work with some of the best Bartenders in the world. Eventually, I went back to Kauai to open my own space and put together business plans for a few different concepts that never came to fruition. I bartended in LA, opened a place back in Kauai, and then had an opportunity to work and live in New York City and stayed there for 2 years working in Fine-Dining establishments. Finally, I went to North Carolina, and about 6 months into being there, I knew I needed to change my drinking lifestyle and decided to take a year off consuming alcohol. Best. Year. Ever!

It brought me back to San Francisco and now I help others in Early Recovery and have boundless energy, drive, and motivation every day. I am finally using the talents and full potential I always knew I had but alcohol had kept me from.

I am a Brand Ambassador for the baddest Non-Alcoholic Beer Company in the world right now: Athletic Brewing Company.

I am an Amazon Seller.

I am a YouTuber at Josh the Non-Alcoholic.

I am one of the faces of the Non-Alcoholic Movement on Instagram @joshthenonalcoholic

It was nothing short of serendipity when I walked into this space by the beach that was closing in a week. The owner is from Hawaii as well, and he's hoping this business can get transferred to me, to revitalize the neighborhood.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Joshua
Location San Francisco, United States
Activity Restaurant / Food

About the loan

Loan amount $9000
Loan use Open a Hip Community-Driven Cafe, Support the Sober Community and Help Keep Ocean Beach Clean.