Sharon from Kenya

$475 to add more products in her grocery store business.

Sharon is a refugee, but more than that, she is a mother and a business owner. She has a proven track record of success. Since she opened her grocery store, it has gained a good reputation in the camp and has a strong base of loyal customers.

It all started in 2012, when Sharon and her family fled the violence in Rwanda due to political insecurities. After resettling in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, Sharon quickly started her business to provide for her family.

After participating in AEC’s business training program focused on improving financial management and increasing sales, Sharon is requesting a loan to grow her business even more.

This loan will help her add more products to the grocery store business, offering her refugee customers more options, and giving her the opportunity to build a better life for her family through growing her business.

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About the entrepreneur

Name Sharon
Location Kakuma, Kenya
Activity Grocery Store / Food

About the loan

Loan amount $475
Loan use to add more products in her grocery store business.