Porting Video DownloadHelper to Edge

Edge is the new browser from Microsoft. Contrarily to Internet Explorer, this is a good quality navigator, respectful of the Web standards.

Recently, Edge opened to add-ons through a basic implementation of the WebExtensions API, a set of programming functions that allows an add-on to live inside the browser. This is a vey good step towards having Video DownloadHelper running on this platform.


Edge did not implement the full set of WebExtensions API. A missing component is still missing that makes Video DownloadHelper simply impossible to run: the downloads API. This is the component that allows creating a file in the Downloads folder out of a Web URL.

To decide what APIs are implemented and in what order, the Microsoft Edge team relies on a voting system. We'd very much appreciate you take the time to vote for supporting the downloads API.

Click here to vote for the Downloads API

While you are at it, another missing API is the ability to write files. Without this, Video DownloadHelper is not able to capture videos that use HLS, DASH or F4F streaming protocols that are becoming more and more popular amongst Web video servers.

Click here to vote for the File writing API

The system allows up to 3 votes to a same feature (this is done in a single operation). Please make sure you put 3 points on each of those items.

Many thanks !!!