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Video Conversion Registration

We detected that you are not running Windows as your operating system.

Registration is useless for you as the video conversion is already unrestricted on your operating system.

Some good reasons to register your converter:

  • Converted videos won't hold the DownloadHelper logo
  • You will have be able to convert videos directly to mp3 audio files
  • You will have access to support for the conversion feature

The converter licensing is a one-time fee without date expiration, except for the free support that is available for one year after the date of the purchase.

You can purchase a DownloadHelper/ConvertHelper license choosing at your convenience any of the 2 options:

Pay in Euros
Pay in US Dollars

Note that the payment is entirely handled by PayPal, the most used payment platform on the Web.

We (DownloadHelper) do not have access to any of your banking information.